Primitive Doll Making



I didn’t really have the cash to spend on the book.  And, I didn’t really need another craft book.  But this book caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.  It had the most amazing primitive doll on the cover.  I picked it up, glanced through it and put it in my basket.  I knew I didn’t really have the money to spend on the book, but I COULD NOT PUT IT BACK.  The book was securely in my clutches. I wanted that book.  And, I bought it.


What I have learned from this book is that it isn’t just about steps.  Step one.  Step two…It’s about the journey, too.  Once I realized this, making dolls became so much easier for me.

I have always made dolls from someone else’s patterns; never being able to re-create that image.  Why?  Because it wasn’t my journey.  It was the doll artist’s journey.

I have had a great time making primitive dolls.  I will make more.  Here a few that I have made recently.  Two were shared with my sister.  Two have been sold.  And, two are for sale.  I will post again soon.

IMG_1465 IMG_1472 IMG_1505 IMG_1555 IMG_1627 IMG_1633

The Scrap Yard


I can tell you all about the day my children were born. I can tell you the Christmas Eve that melted my heart when my granddaughter put on her Cinderella dress for the first time. But I cannot tell you exactly when my sewing room turned into a scrap yard. I can only remember that moment, that feeling of when I looked at my wall of fabrics (puny as it is in comparison to others), and realized I was a scrap quilter. I have never been one to make a quilt from an entire line of fabrics. I have never been one to buy large yardage of fabrics. My wall is filled with fat quarters, strip rolls, charm packs, layer cakes and Goodwill Quilting shirts. Lots of buckets of various size strips and squares. Oh, and lots of neutrals.

My first real experience to “scrapping” was with Bonnie Hunter ( Her ideas of scrapping can be a bit extreme for some, but I have learned an awful lot from her about it. I learned I love big quilts! I am not afraid to piece a backing to use up what I got. I am not afraid to sew together pieces of batting to make a whole piece fit a quilt. I am no longer concerned with what to do next. I trust that my taste in fabrics will work well together. As long as I got scraps and neutrals, I got a quilt. And, I have scraps. A wall of scraps. My scrapyard.

The perfect place for a scrapper to have that is www. I know. I know. I shouldn’t be creating more scraps but as a scrapper I do like variety. There you can buy scrap bags in three different varieties. They are stuffed generously with usable scraps for a small price of $9.00 a remnant bag. I have purchased many. And, never was I disappointed. Always quality fabrics. Always usable scraps and the mailing envelope always stuffed to the max (~ 2 ½-3 yds of fabric remnants). Homestead Hearth also has online blowout sales with great pricing for all scrappers. In addition to that lots of gorgeous fabrics and patterns. It is one of my most favorite online shops to visit as a scrapper.

And, finally I have decided to challenge myself in 2015, and use up those buckets of strips and squares for a large quilt or two. I do love large scrappy quilts!




Loving My New Leader Ender Project…


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…brought to you by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville.


Its a year long process.  I got a nice little stash complete, but I only need like 3 million to make a quilt at 3.5 inch blocks.  But, they are so cute, so easy and so quick to push through as leader/ender blocks.

And one more thing…a new block for my Primitive quilt.  It is actually now completed with the black outside border.  It was really fun to play with letters.


I’m About to Go Anal…lol



My scraps are out of control.  A serious mess.  About the only organization that exists in them is that they are stored in plastic boxes by size.  But, I missed some serious fabric opportunities with this current scrap quilt that I am working on.  And, I am so disappointed in myself for not spotting them when I dug through the box of 2.5 inch strips.  I went through them too quickly.

So, I have devised a plan for that to never happen again.  I am taking one box at a time and sorting them by size AND color.  It’s a lot of shoe boxes (and a lot of time), but they will stack nicely under my cutting table.   I do not want to ever miss that opportunity again!

I am a firm believer that the more varied the scrap fabrics the better the scrap quilt.

Onward…February proved to be a solid month for me.  I finished two quilt tops on the Juki, and a third one is in progress.  All “giving” quilts.

March is moving along nicely.  My Monkey Quilt for my youngest grandson is completed.  A year later, but done!


I still have 4 quilt tops to quilt, to be quilted before I am caught up to that stack.

And, two baby quilts to make for friends this year.

Why cant I win the lottery?  I need more quilting time.  lol

Primitive Beginnings…


I have decided to take a stab at designing my very own unique primitive quilt.  This is my first block.  It’s called, “Lady Bug Picnic”.

Lady Bug Picnic

Lady Bug Picnic

It’s a bit wonky, but it isn’t anything I can’t work with.  Homespun is not easy to work with at times.  But I actually love the “organic” twists and stretches that come into play with them.  BUT, to combat some of that stretch, I’m gonna try to spray starch the homespun before cutting them.

I have two other blocks ready to go.  But, time is short for the rest of this week. :(

This is a quilt that I finished last week. We call it “Papaw’s Quilt”.  I had covered Papaw up with the kids’ monster quilt. And, my grandson says, “Damma that’s me and Kate’s quilt.” I said, “but Papaw is cold”.

Papaw's Quilt

His response…”Noooooo.  Damma make Papaw his own quilt”.

So I did. lol

So now…February has been delegated to “finishing” any quilt tops that can be done on the Juki. Most of them are charity quilts, so they are not large quilts and can easily be completed in February, and not tie up my sewing machine.

Life is just so sCrappy around here…

LOL.  I have been so very busy with making scrap quilts; keeping my 2012 promise to use up all my fabrics.  Most of my scrap quilts will go to charity, but there is one I have my eye on to keep.  =) And, possibly a second one in the works.

I have been following Bonnie Hunter’s blog for a while now.  It makes me wish I had   some old shirts to cut up. lol  The best most comfy quilt I ever made was from her first shirt tails book.  Anybody got any old shirts they want to get rid of?  lol  Otherwise, I’m of to Goodwill next week; looking for bargains.  lol

NOTE…If I could figure out how to hyperlink to these places, I swear I would.  But, no matter what I do it is always wrong.  =(

You can find the pattern at Bonnie Hunter's quiltville blog

You can find the pattern at Bonnie Hunter’s quiltville blog

Made from scrap strips of various colors and sizes

Made from scrap strips of various colors and sizes

This is a great quilt to use up lots of 2" and 3.5" pieces

This is a great quilt to use up lots of 2″ and 3.5″ pieces

a few orphan blocks, lots of mis-cut pieces and scraps literally.

a few orphan blocks, lots of mis-cut pieces and scraps literally.

again from Bonnie Hunter's quiltville blog--made completely from small scraps that could not be cut down to usable squares.

again from Bonnie Hunter’s quiltville blog–made completely from small scraps that could not be cut down to usable squares.

These are just bits of blocks sewn together, and cut again and strips added here and there.  I really like how these turned out.  Again...all scraps.

These are just bits of blocks sewn together, and cut again and strips added here and there. I really like how these turned out. Again…all scraps.

These also come from Bonnie Hunter's quiltville blog.  So scrappy, and so wonky.  I love them!

These also come from Bonnie Hunter’s quiltville blog. So scrappy, and so wonky. I love them!

Primitive Hearts Tutorial…


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Okay, so I was playing around a bit, and decided to make something for Valentine’s Day.

They’re primitive hearts just in time for that day when men parade through the stores to buy their girl flowers or candy.  I think all I want is that box of thread I saw on Facebook–a heart-shaped box filled with quilting thread.  What more could a girl want, really?  And how much could it really cost?  And, aren’t I worth it?

The tutorial is on my craft page, linked at the top.  These are so easy to make, and have endless possibilities.


Momma Called the Doctor…

…and the doctor said, “Those monkeys are jumping on the bed? Again?

Yes they are!!!


This is a test run.  It looks good!  I can’t wait to make Joey-Bug his Monkey Quilt!!! Long overdue, since he will be one year old in May.

I had sooooooooooo many frustrating issues with my Pfaff embroidery machine, that I literally gave up on making him one.  And, that made me sad, because all of my grand babies had a monkey quilt except Joey.  BUT, thanks to my sewing sister and her older Bernina, the monkeys are jumping on the bed again!

I have also been working on a mystery quilt with Bonnie Hunter.  It’s called “Easy Street”.  I really like it a lot.  It was fun and went quickly, but it is a monster size.  And, I will have to quilt it.  Yikes!!!  I’m going to have to get another Juki, I fear…maybe a later model??? I don’t know.


Another project that I have actually completed.  :)


This Year Looking Back…


As this year comes to a close, I have many quilts ready to be quilted.  And I am longing for a long arm to get them done.  To be caught up. To start again…

I have been hanging around for quite some time now.  I love Bonnie Hunter’s blog.  And, I love her scrappy quilts.  There is a feeling of freedom with them.  And, usefulness, too.  And, that suits me right now.

I have come to realize that my fabric stash is that of a “scrap” or “sampler” quilter.  I have very few pieces larger than a fat quarter.  I’m not complaining. I love my stash.  And, even find it difficult to cut into some of those fabrics.

I had hopes of doing more primitive crafting and quilting in 2012.  That barely materialized.  Why?  I cannot answer directly.  It just didn’t happen.

My immediate plans for 2013, will be to get those quilt tops quilted. And, to make Joey’s monkey quilt, Kate’s keepsake quilt and Anthony’s Star Wars quilt (all in process). That should keep me busy for a good 3 months or so.

And, in 2013, I want to make a quilt I made years ago. It is my favorite. It was fun to make and a great way to use up lots of scrap fabrics (about 1200 pieces in this quilt).  The quilt just feels so comfy.  And, I like that.

Blooming Steps

Blooming Steps

Beyond these projects, I don’t know what the new year will bring.

Happy New Year to everyone!  And, I hope your new year is filled with lots of quilting time!

Damma-You find your “tar” yet?

No. lol  My primitive tree minus the star.  I still cannot find it.  I have a grape vine star with red berries for the tree topper, but I still cannot find it. And, my grandson wants to know where my “tar” is.

I used strips of burlap for garland.  All the ornaments are either handmade, primitive, or woodsy in nature.  I like it that way.


Been pretty busy-making primitive ornaments, Christmas stockings, a mystery quilt, ad soon gonna start a traveler’s quilt and after the holidays-a monkey quilt.  all the while trying to piece the tops together for 2 scrap quilts.  And, let’s not forget the 4 quilt tops waiting to be quilted.  All I can say is that it didn’t take long to get back there…And, I am sick, I know.  ::big sigh::


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