Sometimes You Just Gotta Say…

I’m done!  I’m never gonna quilt again!

How many times I have said that.  How many times I have acted on that by packing it all up, throwing it in the closet, only to pull it out a few days later.  This last “cleansing” was a bit more serious.  I gave away fabrics, patterns, and tools.  I took to the roadside 3 machines that were not cooperating and were the source of too much frustration.  I sold some items on E-bay.  I handed out most of my quilts to my three adult children.

I had one box left.  The box that I would mail to my sister.  Two weeks later, it was still in my once “sewing room”. I saved the best of the best for her.  It was filled with all her favorite fabrics, and mine too. All of my quality threads, needles and all of my wool stash.

And, a couple weeks later, it occurred to me that I was missing something.  But, it wasn’t the fabric that I had stashed for years and hadn’t used yet (and probably never would).  I didn’t miss the patterns I would likely never make, or the books I barely opened. I didn’t long for the UFO’s I tossed in the trash bag, either. And, I absolutely did not miss the source of my frustrations; the three machines sitting at the roadside getting rained on by the afternoon Florida rain.

What I missed were two things.  The Grandmother’s Choice BOW, and my Churn Dash Quilt project.  And, I realized that those two things connected me to my sister. We are quilting buddies; stitching sisters. And, that was what was missing. My stitching sister.  =)

So, I am quilting again.  This time completely cleansed and free of any frustration. As it should be.  And, I plan to keep it that way.  I quilt for me.  I quilt what I want to.  I hold no obligation to start or finish anything.  And, I plan to focus on being creative and designing my own quilts and crafts and sharing them with others who are interested.

10 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Gotta Say…

      • Found a shop on EBay. It doesn’t have a blade. I sewed on it last night. It works good for me. 🙂 It was $20; free shipping. I’ll send you the link if you want it. She gets her product from Brewer Sewing. So you could actually bypass her and go there. I have shopped there often.

      • I went to the Bernina web site to make sure I got the right foot. And then searched for it in several places. It works great! This person I purchased from in EBay has a brick mortar shop too. So she must be an authorized dealer? I don’t know…lol

  1. YEA! You have a blog AND you’re quilting again. I’ve added you to my reader. Now….get sewing girlfriend! I want to see progress this weekend. (yeah….bossy, aren’t I? ha!)

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