Grandmother’s Choice (literally)

So, this week I have cut all of my Grandmother’s Choice BOW blocks; leaving me with three more to complete to be caught up.  And, I have two Churn Dash blocks to make, also.  Hoping to do most of this on Tuesday, barring allergies.

This photo is a grandmother’s choice of a different matter…

At the request of my youngest daughter, she has asked me to make my granddaughter a “keepsake” quilt.  So, today I finished cutting up all of the clothes that I will be using (from birth to what size she was wearing at about 2 yrs old).  The rest of the clothes were targeted for donations.

I have a bucket of trims, lace, buttons, cute pockets, a stack of small embroideries, and oodles of fabrics to cut from.

The plan here is to make crazy quilt blocks (6″) for the quilt top and embellish them with all the neat things I pulled from the clothes (as well as some ADDED embroidery stitches.  I also think that I will make some crumb blocks (3″) for an outside border.  This is going to be a very slow process, but she’s only 2 1/2 yrs old.  I think I have some time with this project.  =)

I have enough receiving blankets, I may use them for the backing…just a thought.

Okay…allergies pending I am on my way…

2 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Choice (literally)

  1. Wow! That’s a stack! The blankets for the back are a good idea if they aren’t too worn. Just think, Grandma….you have three more after this one! 🙂

    • The blankets are in excellent condition. She only had 80 of them. I was surprised to see the stash of clothes.

      I realize that I will be making more. lol But with respect to Ant & Joey-it will be a while since they share the same birth month-they share the same clothes. A little reprieve there with respect to time.

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