Allergic to Fabric?

Say it ain’t so!

But, I’m afraid it is. At least for now.  The rain here brings dampness and mold.  So, starting with that, and following a huge sensitivity to dust…

I was in my sewing room today for all of 30 minutes.  I got these three blocks done for Miss Kate’s keepsake quilt when it hit me.

I sneezed, coughed and then the faucet turned on.  I couldn’t stop.  I knew it had to be all the fabric fibers kicked up from the pre-cut baby clothes.  I had to leave the room–literally! I could not tolerate another minute in there.

I think that I am going to need a respirator mask to sew from here on in because I think I am allergic to fabric!  Seriously, what a sad commentary.  =(

I’m gonna have to start “spring” cleaning early…

6 thoughts on “Allergic to Fabric?

  1. You may want to rewash the clothes first. It may well be the detergent that Angela uses. You’ve never had a reaction like that before. But if it takes a mask to sew, it takes a mask to sew!! 🙂

  2. How horrible…..if you were allergic to fabric. I’m with Mary…..toss it all in the wash – even the little bits….besides – if they fray that’s ok….it will add to the slow cloth feel of your finished project, right? 🙂

    I’ll get you a list of links to the slow-cloth like blogs I’ve discovered this week. Promise!

    • I think it was more of a fabric fiber “dust” storm. I cut a trash bag full of clothes up in the room. And I think all that cutting let go of a large amount (more than usual) of fabric fibers in the air. It has happened to me before but not to this degree. I actually sewed in my room with a mask for an afternoon. Just so I could sew a little bit. Tonight I plan on spring cleaning the room really good to see if I can’t improve the air quality a bit. I’m also gonna take the cut pieces outside and shake them. And then maybe throw them in the dryer. I don’t believe it’s the detergent at this point.

      I look forward to those web sites. Thanks.

  3. After careful thought, a good washing and drying of the cut baby clothes I have determined that it was dust accumulated in storage that caused my constant sneeze and runny nose. Why? Because I can actually sit at the machine and sew without the allergy issues. Yay!

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