Even If It Looks Like Crap Revisited…

This quilt is about 10 years old.


I pieced and quilted it on a mechanical Kenmore.  It was not easy.  And, that doesn’t even take in account that I had no clue how to machine quilt.

I had thrown this quilt in the trash, after I finished it. I was so unhappy with the results, and I thought it looked like crap.  My oldest daughter rescued it from the trash.  She said, “You are not throwing this away.  I’m keeping it even if it looks like crap.”  So, I slapped a label on it, “even if it looks like crap 1” (knowing there would be more, and I didn’t disappoint. lol) There would be a long standing series of “even if it looks like crap”.  lol

Anyway–she used this quilt to death!  It is stained.  It has giant holes in it.  Batting is popping through.  Stitches are coming undone.  And, the binding was all but shredded to pieces.  But, back then I made huge mistakes.  I used low grade muslin for piecing the front and the backing.  You get what you pay for when you make those choices.  But, I didn’t know then what I know now.


New binding and lots of cleaning up threads and such, I have grown to love this awful quilt. lol  It is a clear-cut reminder of my progress.  =)

8 thoughts on “Even If It Looks Like Crap Revisited…

  1. She didn’t have to add …”even if it looks like crap”…. Could have just stopped with “I’m keeping it.”

    Funny how we learn. My first quilt had pieces of old clothing in it. I remember Roger saying he was going to hide his uniform shirts because I was eyeing the blue. Of course that quilt is well-worn, too. It’s the love that wears it out. And the cheap fabric. 🙂

    • In fairness to her, I prompted the comment “even if it looks like crap”. lol
      There has been plenty of love worn into the quilt. No doubt. She is retiring now though. 🙂

    • Also…you are actually the keeper of the oldest quilt I have to date. The others have long since passed on. lol. Sammy holds the second oldest still breathing life. lol

      I cringe every time I see that on your bed downstairs. LOL.

  2. Well, even if you think (thought) it looked like crap, it is a lovely quilt – red and white quilts just seem so happy! One of my first quilts was a baby quilt for my now 30-something niece. About 6 or 7 years ago when she was having her first child, she asked me to re-make it as the original was in horrible thread-bare condition.

    I did remake it for her -and she has both – but when she’s sick or needs a special cuddle, she still pulls out the original. Now….that’s love and certainly makes this quilters heart sigh.

    • The red and white Irish Chain quilts were often reserved for “special company” within the family. And, often times, when neighbors had special company arriving, they might borrow that red/white Irish Chain to use. And, the color red was typically that “turkey” color red. =)

      I loved it until I quilted it. lol Then I hated it. Now, I love it again-mostly because my daughter proved me wrong and loved it and appreciated its value and hard work. The fact that it nearly shredded to pieces was not her fault. =)

      It really is a good feeling when you know the love your quilt gives to someone.

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