Been busy busy…

I have gotten more done than I thought I had…I’m not terribly crazy about my color choices for this Grandmother’s Choice BOW. I am going fabric shopping Thursday, to see if I can find some fabrics to add.  My fabric choices just blend too much for my taste.

I actually have all of the blocks completed except for about 8 more.  After that, I will begin to embellish them…the fun part.

My crumb block quilt!  Now this was fun!  I purposely left off the borders on two sides, but am now considering putting “broken borders” on those two sides-sporadic chunks of crumb blocks and the tan border fabric.  I will make that final decision very soon.

Hey these aren’t quilts…lol

17 thoughts on “Been busy busy…

    • Well…the Keepsake quilt will be embellished with her ruffles and buttons and bows and other trims pulled from Kate’s baby clothes. And I will be doing some embroidery stitches on those too.

      The crumb quilt (the quilt with the tan border) could be embellished too but I plan on donating the quilt to me and my sister’s Veteran’s quilt project. I will likely just stipple on that one because of the many tiny seams.

      I got the idea from a blog called Quiltville’s Quips and Snips. Bonnie does scrap quilts. Has great ideas and shares a lot. And she has a mystery quilt beginning Nov 23rd. Called Easy Street.

  1. Looking good!
    Love your crumb quilt – your border idea is what I am sorta thinking about for my Modern Monday quilt.
    Kids are adorable!

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