Look What I Got!

They’re not mine to keep, of course.  But look what I got!!!!

A lady that I work with brought them in for me to see.  Then she asked me if I would make the blocks into a finished quilt.  She is guessing that they were made (by her mother-in-law) back in the early, mid forties.  Looking at the fabrics I think that has to be fairly accurate.  There are a total of 13 blocks.

Really cool to have these even if only for a little while.  =)

I was thinking of a 1930’s solid fabric repo for sashing.  Maybe a lighter color, so not to take away from the blocks themselves.  Any thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Look What I Got!

  1. I got closeups of the pictures so I could see the fabric better. My absolute favorite kind of block.

  2. You know I’m lovin’ these! Maybe a soft green sashing. What will you do with the odd block? You could stitch it on the back and use the center as a label. Just a thought. Thought about a border yet? I had a heck of a time finding 30s repro fabric for the border on Stell’s quilt.

    • Funny…I was thinking a mint green color too. And Sandy has the choice for me to make a pillow or put it on the backing. That’s her choice. I think she wants a pillow to share it twice if you will. 😉

  3. How fun! And, great minds must think alike because I too was thinking a soft green. I had a similar project years ago (double wedding ring in 30’s fabrics) and the original quilter had used a soft green for the spaces where the rings met.

    You’re a good friend to take on the project. 🙂

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