Momma Called the Doctor…

…and the doctor said, “Those monkeys are jumping on the bed? Again?

Yes they are!!!


This is a test run.  It looks good!  I can’t wait to make Joey-Bug his Monkey Quilt!!! Long overdue, since he will be one year old in May.

I had sooooooooooo many frustrating issues with my Pfaff embroidery machine, that I literally gave up on making him one.  And, that made me sad, because all of my grand babies had a monkey quilt except Joey.  BUT, thanks to my sewing sister and her older Bernina, the monkeys are jumping on the bed again!

I have also been working on a mystery quilt with Bonnie Hunter.  It’s called “Easy Street”.  I really like it a lot.  It was fun and went quickly, but it is a monster size.  And, I will have to quilt it.  Yikes!!!  I’m going to have to get another Juki, I fear…maybe a later model??? I don’t know.


Another project that I have actually completed.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Momma Called the Doctor…

  1. The monkey looks happy that you can embroider again! He looks like he’s jumping for joy. The stocking is adorable. The quilt is so not you…in a good way! (You finished that FAST!) Feels good to step out of our comfort zone occasionally.

    • I really do enjoy making the monkey quilts! Happy dance!!!

      Easy Street colors were well out of my comfort zone. But I did enjoy working with the black on white fabrics. I only wish I had more variety of scraps. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on the “scrap” mystery quilt but being my first mystery quilt, I thought it best to stay w her color choices.

    • Easy Street was not hard but it was a lot of pieces piled up in a bucket until it was time to piece it all together band that process was slightly out of control. lol.

      The embroidered monkey quilt is such a fun favorite for me. It’s actually called “monkey shine”.

      I am enjoying the NY Beauty. They are gorgeous quilts and I have always wanted one. Your NYB is unbelievable!

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