I’m About to Go Anal…lol

My scraps are out of control.  A serious mess.  About the only organization that exists in them is that they are stored in plastic boxes by size.  But, I missed some serious fabric opportunities with this current scrap quilt that I am working on.  And, I am so disappointed in myself for not spotting them when I dug through the box of 2.5 inch strips.  I went through them too quickly.

So, I have devised a plan for that to never happen again.  I am taking one box at a time and sorting them by size AND color.  It’s a lot of shoe boxes (and a lot of time), but they will stack nicely under my cutting table.   I do not want to ever miss that opportunity again!

I am a firm believer that the more varied the scrap fabrics the better the scrap quilt.

Onward…February proved to be a solid month for me.  I finished two quilt tops on the Juki, and a third one is in progress.  All “giving” quilts.

March is moving along nicely.  My Monkey Quilt for my youngest grandson is completed.  A year later, but done!


I still have 4 quilt tops to quilt, to be quilted before I am caught up to that stack.

And, two baby quilts to make for friends this year.

Why cant I win the lottery?  I need more quilting time.  lol

7 thoughts on “I’m About to Go Anal…lol

    • You are referring to my “giving” quilt for Sam? 😉

      I did get a lot finished but you know they are lap size quilts. Stipples. Quick and easy for me on the Juki.

  1. I sort by color and kind of by size, too (big and little). I still pass up some opportunities sometimes.

    Love the monkey quilt.

  2. That monkey quilt is adorable!

    Too funny about going ‘anal’……I hear you loud and clear. I’m a firm believer in plastic totes but even with that system – my scraps get out of hand. Good luck.

    • My goal is not let it get out of control. When the bucket starts getting overstuffed it will be time for a new scrap quilt of those colors. That’s my plan anyway. 😉

      I love my Monkey quilts! Thanks

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