The Scrap Yard

I can tell you all about the day my children were born. I can tell you the Christmas Eve that melted my heart when my granddaughter put on her Cinderella dress for the first time. But I cannot tell you exactly when my sewing room turned into a scrap yard. I can only remember that moment, that feeling of when I looked at my wall of fabrics (puny as it is in comparison to others), and realized I was a scrap quilter. I have never been one to make a quilt from an entire line of fabrics. I have never been one to buy large yardage of fabrics. My wall is filled with fat quarters, strip rolls, charm packs, layer cakes and Goodwill Quilting shirts. Lots of buckets of various size strips and squares. Oh, and lots of neutrals.

My first real experience to “scrapping” was with Bonnie Hunter ( Her ideas of scrapping can be a bit extreme for some, but I have learned an awful lot from her about it. I learned I love big quilts! I am not afraid to piece a backing to use up what I got. I am not afraid to sew together pieces of batting to make a whole piece fit a quilt. I am no longer concerned with what to do next. I trust that my taste in fabrics will work well together. As long as I got scraps and neutrals, I got a quilt. And, I have scraps. A wall of scraps. My scrapyard.

The perfect place for a scrapper to have that is www. I know. I know. I shouldn’t be creating more scraps but as a scrapper I do like variety. There you can buy scrap bags in three different varieties. They are stuffed generously with usable scraps for a small price of $9.00 a remnant bag. I have purchased many. And, never was I disappointed. Always quality fabrics. Always usable scraps and the mailing envelope always stuffed to the max (~ 2 ½-3 yds of fabric remnants). Homestead Hearth also has online blowout sales with great pricing for all scrappers. In addition to that lots of gorgeous fabrics and patterns. It is one of my most favorite online shops to visit as a scrapper.

And, finally I have decided to challenge myself in 2015, and use up those buckets of strips and squares for a large quilt or two. I do love large scrappy quilts!




6 thoughts on “The Scrap Yard

  1. I challenged myself in 2014 and I’ve finally used all of the small pieces of scrap I had leftover from 12 years of quilting (smaller than 5 inches). I may do a blog post sometime on how I finally did it.

  2. Mary? Is that YOU? Blogging? 😉 You’re singing my song sista…..well, about scrap quilts anyway. And I do love BAQs but hate to quilt them on my domestic. Happy scrapping and can’t wait to start the next BH mystery.

    • It’s me 😉 I kinda started missing it.
      We should get a new clue pretty soon.
      I only wish I knew now the smallest strip size being used. That will make such a huge difference in the haves and have nots

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