This Doll Making Journey 


I have had the most fun making some happy dolls. I’ve made a doll with teeth and baby shoes. And I swear to you I never ever thought I would do that. lol

And two ladies from the sisterhood of red hats all set for a tea party. 

And my version of Rosie the Riveter. Although my husband said what she really needs is a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in her hand. But that would change everything about her. lol


He’s all boy. And lots of booboos to back that up


My version of Rosie the Riveter

members of the sisterhood of Red Hats

Eleanor amd Gladys

 My dolls can be found on Facebook at An Old Crows Journey. 

For now my quilting sits quietly in the background. And that’s good since it has often times been a tug of war between primitive crafting and quilting.  

And I have made some new friends and  I have seen some amazing dolls over at the Facebook page Purely Primitive Dolls. 

I have a couple of dolls I am planning. And then I will be working on a series of dolls which I will share a bit later. 

7 thoughts on “This Doll Making Journey 

  1. OH MY GOSH!! I was looking at your Rosie the Reviter doll and the material you used to be a shirt didn’t it? Cuz I just used the exact same material on a set of my “Kin FOLK”!! My cuzin gave me the shirt knowing I would be able to up cycle it!! That is just to cool!! I follow you on facebook on the Primiitve doll facebook page. You can see my Kin Folk doll on my blog or facebook page thebagglady76!! I am still amazed!! LOL Oh and by the way that is a way to cool doll!! Great job!! XOXO Love Fran.

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