Meet Poppy…

Poppy is a special doll that I made for my daughter at her request. The story is…

Growing up my kids and I never passed up an opportunity to buy “poppies for Papaw”.  And as my kids are older with families of their own- they too buy “poppies for Papaw”. 

You will always be able to find a poppy somewhere in our lives; hanging from the rear view mirror or sun visor, laying in the counter peeking out from a stack of papers or pinned to a cork board. The Remembrance flower is always present. 

Poppy is very special to my daughter because it is a reminder of the close loving relationship they shared. She was his “sugar baby”. 

So when you are out and about and see vets with their poppies. Walk up to them, thank them and donate money for “poppies for Papaw”.  

I love this doll so much I will be making another one with a different story about an older lady I met selling poppies. 


4 thoughts on “Meet Poppy…

  1. I love Poppy, the doll. When I was growing up and up until the last 15 years or so, there was always an opportunity to buy a poppy, but I haven’t seen any in our greater Cincinnati area for so long.

    • I’ve been hearing that-nobody out with the poppies. Where I live they are still out there. It’s sad that we are not able to keep the long standing tradition active as it was before. That’s another doll. A poppy fairy 🙂

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