MDA Charity Event

Our team has been challenged to raise some big dollars for our MDA Bowl-a-thon. 

I am offering up these dolls for a special price plus shipping. See pricing below. Every penny I make on these dolls will be donated to MDA on behalf of friends family and co-workers.  Thanks for looking. 

These dolls will also be offered in my Etsy shop at the discounted price. 

Red Hat Society Eleanor $30

Joey-bug $35

Rosie the Riveter $30

Little Red $30


2 thoughts on “MDA Charity Event

  1. Thank you so much. I did sell all of the dolls but my little Joey-bug. And he is now back at regular price. BUT I’mjust getting started. I love to make primitive style custom dolls. Thank you so much for your comment and following. It is appreciated 🙂

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