Lots happening

Working on a custom doll, two more behind that. And two more behind those two. Busy. Busy. But I love it. Having a great time at this. 

I am also in the planning stages for a few Halloween/Fall make-dos. 

And, because I have soooooo much time on my hands (not lol) I am nearly finished with my pumpkin tutorial to share with you.

   And I just finished little Hannah, who is for sale



  This is Hannah. 

Sometimes she was afraid to sleep in her own bed because she was afraid of the dark. One night, her Papaw took her to her bedroom window and showed her the bright moon and all the brightly shining stars in the sky. He told her “I hung the moon and the stars for you, so that you could have sweet dreams every night.” And now this is how Hannah sleeps at night…with sweet dreams. 

Hannah is 23″ long; stuffed primly with fabric rags. She holds a sweet dreams pillow and a wand that hangs a moon and star. 

Kindly asking $46.00 plus shipping.

Have a wonderful prim day! I will 😉

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