Where Does It All Begin?

Right here…

img_1069 (2)
doodling on paper, ideas and thoughts of dolls.  Sometimes its just a word or two that inspires, sometimes a story, or a character.  But no matter what–like or not, the doodles are a keeper because I never know when that awful doodle will inspire a favorite doll!

Sometimes, I just close my eyes and draw a doll head.  And, that process can lead to some interesting shaped heads, which wear well with extreme styled prim dolls.

While I have several dolls in the works this week, I have made plans to use the pink pillow cases that I have cut up for Breast Cancer Awareness Dolls, at the request of my sister (who is a nurse).

One will be for her to keep and give hope to the women who have survived breast cancer, and continue to fight for their health.  A second doll will be targeted as a donation to the Cancer of Alliance (a local organization for me)-which provides gas cards for people who otherwise would not make their appointments because money is tight for them.

I hope to get three dolls from these re-purposed pillow cases. I hope you will follow along with me on this very special journey.

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