Ophelia OOAK Primitive Doll

I am very pleased with how Ophelia finished. Her story is somewhat sad; loosely taken from a “Who Do You Think You Are” episode.  I do not know the episode, nor have I seen it-but a friend shared the story with me.  It was a perfect story for Ophelia to tell.

Ophelia.  OOAK Primitive Doll

Sadly enough, the most painful goodbyes are the ones left unsaid and never explained (author unknown)

As a young woman, Ophelia was crazy in love with Jacob.  When Jacob left to serve his country during WW2, it was a sad day for her, but she promised with all her heart, that she would wait for his return. And, when the war was over and he didn’t returned, her life changed.  She eventually married and started a family.  But all those years of being mother and wife, something had been missing from her life.  The joy and happiness that she felt as a young woman was not the same in this life.  Many years later, she came to realize that her sadness, her zest for life had waned because of the lost love in her heart.

Ophelia is made of canvas fabric, aged with coffee staining and sanding.   She is stuffed primly with fabric rags.  Her headpiece is a piece of stretchy lace fabric.  Her dress is a vintage dress that has been left untouched and in its natural state as I found it.  Her shoes are tea stained ribbons wrapped around her feet. Her eyes are vintage buttons.  And a pretty necklace was added to her neck.  The flowers and heart represent the lost love she carried in her heart.

Kindly asking $85.00 plus shipping.


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