Happy New Year Everyone!
So what is my word for 2016? I did the test on FB. Three times. And three times I got different words. This told me that I needed to find my own word; something that reflects on 2015 and moves me forward into 2016.
My word is patience. I know what that is when it comes to parenting. I have more patience with my grandkids than I ever had with my own kids. And that patience comes from experience and knowledge. Patience is learned through modifications and time. 
With respect to my artwork, my journey is new. And I want to enhance this journey through the back door so to speak. Two things that I have planned.
I am taking Mindy Lacefield, “Paint Your Story” art class. Not to become a painter but to grab hold of that idea of drawing like a child. I love the most primitive simplistic drawings of a child. Using my right hand to draw creates the most wonderful simplistic images. I will share more about her class in a later post. 
And I have decided that I would do some hand stitching; a bit of a slow cloth journey. What I have in mind is to cut out pieces for a simple handbag and do some hand stitching on the pieces until patience is completed. I have always wanted to do hand embroidery but it was always difficult for me because all instructions were right handed. That’s bad for a left handed one. So a friend found a book for me with oodles of hand stitches complete with instructions and photos for left handed people. I will start on page 1. 
And of course there are dolls and quilting. They will always be there. But patience is needed in both areas here too. I want to spend time exploring and learning new techniques. I will share those as well. 

This new year, 2016 is about growth and the patience it takes to grow and learn and experience.
Thank you again for the support. And Happy New Year to all!

2 thoughts on “Patience. 

  1. Congrats on being published in the winter 2015 issue of Prims! Your “Mailman” doll is just wonderful! Daryle, from Woodstown Whimsies

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