Happy New Year Everyone!
So what is my word for 2016? I did the test on FB. Three times. And three times I got different words. This told me that I needed to find my own word; something that reflects on 2015 and moves me forward into 2016.
My word is patience. I know what that is when it comes to parenting. I have more patience with my grandkids than I ever had with my own kids. And that patience comes from experience and knowledge. Patience is learned through modifications and time. 
With respect to my artwork, my journey is new. And I want to enhance this journey through the back door so to speak. Two things that I have planned.
I am taking Mindy Lacefield, “Paint Your Story” art class. Not to become a painter but to grab hold of that idea of drawing like a child. I love the most primitive simplistic drawings of a child. Using my right hand to draw creates the most wonderful simplistic images. I will share more about her class in a later post. 
And I have decided that I would do some hand stitching; a bit of a slow cloth journey. What I have in mind is to cut out pieces for a simple handbag and do some hand stitching on the pieces until patience is completed. I have always wanted to do hand embroidery but it was always difficult for me because all instructions were right handed. That’s bad for a left handed one. So a friend found a book for me with oodles of hand stitches complete with instructions and photos for left handed people. I will start on page 1. 
And of course there are dolls and quilting. They will always be there. But patience is needed in both areas here too. I want to spend time exploring and learning new techniques. I will share those as well. 

This new year, 2016 is about growth and the patience it takes to grow and learn and experience.
Thank you again for the support. And Happy New Year to all!

Pin Keep Swap

Every year, Ravenwood Whimzies  has a Christmas Pin Keep swap in July.  This was my first swap ever.  And it was fun!  I will absolutely do this again next year. 

The first picture is what I made for my pin keep swap partner.  And the second picture is the one I received from her.  And, I love mine Vicky!  Thank you so much!

Sharing My Hockey Doll

Today, I finished my hockey doll.  He was great fun to make! It really opened up my creative thinking.

The doll face has scrapes, scars, stitches and a button for a black eye.

His skates are made from painted baby shoes, laced with string that was dyed red. The blades are painted Popsicle sticks.

The most fun was the hockey stick and puck.  I was sitting on my patio while my husband was working on the house outside. And, I noticed a small wooden shim.  I picked it up and it hit me…hockey blade.  Digging around some more, I found a paint stick. Ladies and gentlemen…we have a HOCKEY STICK!!!

Then I needed a puck.  I thought maybe paint a piece of styrofoam.  No.  Then I thought a piece of foil and wrap paper mache around it.  No.  Then my husband says, “Pucks are not that big, what about a button?”

A button?  Buttons buttons.  Who’s got buttons?  I do! I do!  And then I  had a hockey puck. 




And this doll was that way from the beginning to the end.  I had a plan on paper but not always certain how I would achieve it.

I am pleased with this hockey doll.  Very pleased.

Lots happening

Working on a custom doll, two more behind that. And two more behind those two. Busy. Busy. But I love it. Having a great time at this. 

I am also in the planning stages for a few Halloween/Fall make-dos. 

And, because I have soooooo much time on my hands (not lol) I am nearly finished with my pumpkin tutorial to share with you.

   And I just finished little Hannah, who is for sale



  This is Hannah. 

Sometimes she was afraid to sleep in her own bed because she was afraid of the dark. One night, her Papaw took her to her bedroom window and showed her the bright moon and all the brightly shining stars in the sky. He told her “I hung the moon and the stars for you, so that you could have sweet dreams every night.” And now this is how Hannah sleeps at night…with sweet dreams. 

Hannah is 23″ long; stuffed primly with fabric rags. She holds a sweet dreams pillow and a wand that hangs a moon and star. 

Kindly asking $46.00 plus shipping.

Have a wonderful prim day! I will 😉

MDA Charity Event

Our team has been challenged to raise some big dollars for our MDA Bowl-a-thon. 

I am offering up these dolls for a special price plus shipping. See pricing below. Every penny I make on these dolls will be donated to MDA on behalf of friends family and co-workers.  Thanks for looking. 

These dolls will also be offered in my Etsy shop at the discounted price. 

Red Hat Society Eleanor $30

Joey-bug $35

Rosie the Riveter $30

Little Red $30


Meet Poppy…

Poppy is a special doll that I made for my daughter at her request. The story is…

Growing up my kids and I never passed up an opportunity to buy “poppies for Papaw”.  And as my kids are older with families of their own- they too buy “poppies for Papaw”. 

You will always be able to find a poppy somewhere in our lives; hanging from the rear view mirror or sun visor, laying in the counter peeking out from a stack of papers or pinned to a cork board. The Remembrance flower is always present. 

Poppy is very special to my daughter because it is a reminder of the close loving relationship they shared. She was his “sugar baby”. 

So when you are out and about and see vets with their poppies. Walk up to them, thank them and donate money for “poppies for Papaw”.  

I love this doll so much I will be making another one with a different story about an older lady I met selling poppies. 


The Scrap Yard

I can tell you all about the day my children were born. I can tell you the Christmas Eve that melted my heart when my granddaughter put on her Cinderella dress for the first time. But I cannot tell you exactly when my sewing room turned into a scrap yard. I can only remember that moment, that feeling of when I looked at my wall of fabrics (puny as it is in comparison to others), and realized I was a scrap quilter. I have never been one to make a quilt from an entire line of fabrics. I have never been one to buy large yardage of fabrics. My wall is filled with fat quarters, strip rolls, charm packs, layer cakes and Goodwill Quilting shirts. Lots of buckets of various size strips and squares. Oh, and lots of neutrals.

My first real experience to “scrapping” was with Bonnie Hunter ( Her ideas of scrapping can be a bit extreme for some, but I have learned an awful lot from her about it. I learned I love big quilts! I am not afraid to piece a backing to use up what I got. I am not afraid to sew together pieces of batting to make a whole piece fit a quilt. I am no longer concerned with what to do next. I trust that my taste in fabrics will work well together. As long as I got scraps and neutrals, I got a quilt. And, I have scraps. A wall of scraps. My scrapyard.

The perfect place for a scrapper to have that is www. I know. I know. I shouldn’t be creating more scraps but as a scrapper I do like variety. There you can buy scrap bags in three different varieties. They are stuffed generously with usable scraps for a small price of $9.00 a remnant bag. I have purchased many. And, never was I disappointed. Always quality fabrics. Always usable scraps and the mailing envelope always stuffed to the max (~ 2 ½-3 yds of fabric remnants). Homestead Hearth also has online blowout sales with great pricing for all scrappers. In addition to that lots of gorgeous fabrics and patterns. It is one of my most favorite online shops to visit as a scrapper.

And, finally I have decided to challenge myself in 2015, and use up those buckets of strips and squares for a large quilt or two. I do love large scrappy quilts!