Primitive Pumpkin Craft Tutorial

I love this little guy!!!


My sister shared a picture of a pumpkin very similar to this one. I had to make one of my own, since my sister didn’t buy me one too. LOL

He was so easy to make.

Draw a pumpkin pattern of your desired size and shape. It’s primitive. No need to be perfect. So no worries here…

Once you have that desired shape and size–ADD about 1/4 inch to it, because when you sew and stuff, the pumpkin will get a wee bit smaller than your desired size.

Trace your pattern onto a double piece of muslin.

Sew on the traced line using a stitch of 2.0 or slightly smaller. Remember to leave about 1 1/2 inches at the top for stuffing.

Clip curves and turn right side out.

Stuff firmly. And then hand stitch the opening closed. Don’t worry so much about what that will look like because in the end no one will see it.

Paint using Burnt Sienna acrylic paint.

Bake in oven at 200 degrees until dry. Keep a watch on it and turn it often to avoid burn marks. Although I like a few burn marks every now and then. If you get one or two sometimes they can be sanded away a little bit.

Using sandpaper, lightly sand the pumpkin to give it an aged look. Then rub cinnamon or pumpkin spice all over it to further the aged appearance. Plus it adds a wonderful smell.


Two black buttons for his eyes (hand sew them on or hot glue them on). Or you could use embroidery floss if you want to.

The nose is made of a rusty nail, and rusty wire wrapped around that and then hot glued to the pumpkin.

Embroidery thread for the mouth–just a straight stitch was used.

The stem and leaves–I used a twig from the yard and wrapped it with some rusty wire. Then I tore a strip of homespun, cut it into short lengths and tied them onto the twig to create leaves. From there, I took a piece of rusty wire and wrapped it around a pencil to make the wire into a “pigtail”. And, I twisted that pigtail wire around the twig (one time to secure it) in the middle of the leaf section. Then I hot glued that twig piece to the pumpkin, making sure that i placed it just so-to cover up my hand stitched closed top.

That’s it! If you have any questions about my instructions, please let me know. =)

5 thoughts on “Primitive Pumpkin Craft Tutorial

  1. No…sister would have bought you one. Brother-in-law was tight-fisted with the cash that day! šŸ˜‰ Besides…yours is cuter. I like the rusted nail better than the shiny one on mine.

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