Sharing My Hockey Doll

Today, I finished my hockey doll.  He was great fun to make! It really opened up my creative thinking.

The doll face has scrapes, scars, stitches and a button for a black eye.

His skates are made from painted baby shoes, laced with string that was dyed red. The blades are painted Popsicle sticks.

The most fun was the hockey stick and puck.  I was sitting on my patio while my husband was working on the house outside. And, I noticed a small wooden shim.  I picked it up and it hit me…hockey blade.  Digging around some more, I found a paint stick. Ladies and gentlemen…we have a HOCKEY STICK!!!

Then I needed a puck.  I thought maybe paint a piece of styrofoam.  No.  Then I thought a piece of foil and wrap paper mache around it.  No.  Then my husband says, “Pucks are not that big, what about a button?”

A button?  Buttons buttons.  Who’s got buttons?  I do! I do!  And then I  had a hockey puck. 




And this doll was that way from the beginning to the end.  I had a plan on paper but not always certain how I would achieve it.

I am pleased with this hockey doll.  Very pleased.

4 thoughts on “Sharing My Hockey Doll

  1. Oh for sure a OOAK you sure rocked it Mary as you always do!! I love that you think it up in your head like I do!! Sometimes I just can’t stop til I either get it down on paper or just get it going with the fabric!! Kinda like a doll I am finishing up that I couldn’t get out of my head on vacation last week!! LOL XOXO Love Fran.

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