Primitive Beginnings…

I have decided to take a stab at designing my very own unique primitive quilt.  This is my first block.  It’s called, “Lady Bug Picnic”.

Lady Bug Picnic

Lady Bug Picnic

It’s a bit wonky, but it isn’t anything I can’t work with.  Homespun is not easy to work with at times.  But I actually love the “organic” twists and stretches that come into play with them.  BUT, to combat some of that stretch, I’m gonna try to spray starch the homespun before cutting them.

I have two other blocks ready to go.  But, time is short for the rest of this week. 😦

This is a quilt that I finished last week. We call it “Papaw’s Quilt”.  I had covered Papaw up with the kids’ monster quilt. And, my grandson says, “Damma that’s me and Kate’s quilt.” I said, “but Papaw is cold”.

Papaw's Quilt

His response…”Noooooo.  Damma make Papaw his own quilt”.

So I did. lol

So now…February has been delegated to “finishing” any quilt tops that can be done on the Juki. Most of them are charity quilts, so they are not large quilts and can easily be completed in February, and not tie up my sewing machine.

6 thoughts on “Primitive Beginnings…

    • I did quilt it in the frame. He actually likes the quilt too. And Anthony is pleased that Papaw has his own quilt now. lol

      My carriage on the frame is wobbly though. Or maybe it’s the floor. Terry and I have been trying to eliminate the problem but to no avail. 😦

  1. I would not have thought to spray starch on the homespun. That is a great idea – I hope I remember it!
    I love Papaw’s quilt! I love the combination of blocks – so visually interesting!

    • It makes some sense. I’m going to give it a shot next time. I think I will do a little google search too on how to sew with homespun. Might find some more tips.

  2. papaw’s quilt is lovely! So warm and country-like.
    Can’t wait to see more of your designed blocks – the first one is great.

    • It is a wee bit busy but I still like it much.
      I have another primitive block cut but no real time to finish it up, since I am spending my extra time quilting on the frame.

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